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The Break Room


Whether working in an office cubicle, on a factory floor or along the aisles of a retail store, time spent in the break room is usually a quiet time, away from pressure, away from work routines and often a place where co-workers can converse in a relaxed environment.  That’s the idea behind the WFCF/Flagler College Radio program, The Break Room (TBR)

Hosted by Paul K. Williamson, Public Affairs Director, the 15-minute weekly program offers a behind-the scenes look at the workings of city government through interviews with people key in the city’s day-to-day operations. TBR airs on Wednesdays at 5:00pm and is re-broadcast on Saturdays at 8:00am.

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February 2018

Wed. February 21
Sat. February 24

Olivia Smith, Recycling Coordinator

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Residential and commercial, curbside pick-up and electronics drop-off - there's more to the city's recycling program than putting your bottles and cans on the curb.

Wed. February 14
Sat. February 17

Martha Graham, Public Works Director

Historic underground: There is much more than meets the eye when it comes to road resurfacing projects and underground utilities.

Wed. February 7
Sat. February 10

Jenny Wolfe, Historic Preservation Officer

Preserving our historic resources: With various types of historic structures around the city. can you tell the difference colonial, mid-century, and just plain historic?  Do you know what it means for a structure to be an example of "adaptive reuse"?

January 2018

Wed. January 31
Sat. February 3

Wanda Bray, Event Administrator

Reflections of an "Event-ful" Career: Retiring this week with over 15 years of service to the city, Wanda looks back at the highlights of her career and the most memorable of them all.

Wed. January 24
Sat. January 27

Richard "Buddy" Schauland, Building Official

Building Code Changes: In the aftermath of two hurricanes, learn about some of the changes to the building codes that are making a difference for homeowners.

Wed. January 17
Sat. January 20

Amy Skinner, Planning & Building Department Deputy Director

South Street pathway and other projects: Lincolnville CRA, entry corridor standards, city's Master Plan, and more.

Wed. January 10
Sat. January 13

Chris Anderson, Foreman, Streets and Grounds Division

Keeping the city looking good: Streets and grounds crews prepare fro Arbor Day, January 19.

Wed. January 4
Sat. January 7

John Regan, City Manager

Ringing in the New Year: New beginnings in the New Year - what's to come in 2018 for the Nation's Oldest City