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Historic Preservation

View of St Aug 1885-6               View of St. Augustine from the Castillo de San Marcos. Source: 1885 St. Augustine City Directory

Historic and cultural resources in St. Augustine are represented by buildings, structures, objects, districts and sites above ground, as well as, under the surface of our streets and landscapes as part of the archaeological record.  Our community has a rich heritage of resources from Native American, Spanish, British, and French Colonial interactions and eventual American development into Florida’s statehood.  Interpreting, collecting, preserving, and redeveloping these resources falls into the broad category of Historic Preservation. 

The Planning and Building Department monitors changes to historic and cultural resources through the issuance of building permits and analyzing comprehensive planning measures in five (5) locally designated historic preservation districts, and seven (7) National Register Historic districts, and throughout the City, including proactive projects for designating and rehabilitating resources managed by the City.  Additionally, the Planning and Building Department monitors projects for architectural character in selected overlay zones, namely Anastasia Boulevard, King Street, and San Marco Avenue.